Het Ware Noorden is a label that promotes creative re-use sessions and its resulting products. Rough, Truthful, Raw. Resourceful by Doers and Makers.
Het Ware Noorden connects De Ceuvel with the people from Amsterdam North.

Het Ware Noorden is a 72U Amsterdam Project and started as a Immersive Creative Research assignment, in which the 72U Amsterdam Team spoke to people from a variety of backgrounds, with different desires and wishes of the new and the old generation. From that research, the main ambition was to find the common ground between De Ceuvel and the people from Amsterdam North.

Therefore 72U created Het Ware Noorden: a label to celebrate the creative re-use in Amsterdam North, tapping into existing behavior and enhancing its possibilities.

In the coming months Het Ware Noorden will grow into a label connecting all various initiatives around creative re-use in Amsterdam North.

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